Goodbye Mike Hile! 

If we are lucky every now and again a person will come in to our lives and hold a very special place in our hearts. Mike Hile, for me, was that kind of person. His wit, humor, generosity, toughness and compassion will be with me forever. Mike passed away a few weeks ago after a long battle with cancer. He was a drinker. A drinker of legendary proportion. However, I spent many mornings with Mike engaged in conversation. Wonderful, meaningful and intelligent conversation. He knew all three of my kids and never failed to congratulate me when one did well in school or sports. He called my 4 year old Stella, "princess". When I was down, Mike was somehow the one person that knew it, always helping to bring my spirits up. Mike used to do odd jobs for me to earn some "cocktail" money. I used to offer him lunch, to which he would reply; "liquid lunch, there's a pork chop in every can". He had no interest in material things. The only two things I ever heard him mention were a #39 Larry Csonka Dolphins jersey and a 1973 Larry Csonka football card. I made sure he got both. Mike Hile gave me a lot more than that. I honestly feel like he belonged to all of us, the greater Wellsville community. I will truly miss him. I hope he has finally found peace. ~ Rick Whitwood


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