DJ Keith


For those of you that have been to a Zoar show or two, you may recall a guy with a skull cap, leather jacket and wallet chain in close proximity to the band. He occasionally looked like a stage security guard, roadie, DJ, tambourine player or designated dancer.... that was Keith Hopkins. He wasn't at every show, but he was at a lot of them. Of all the hats Keith wore over the years, the one we will remember him best for is friend. 

Sometime around 1989, at long since closed bar in Arkport, Zoar met Keith after the gig and posed for what was to become the first of hundreds of pictures with Keith. From that day on Keith Hopkins became a dedicated supporter of Zoar and I would like to think, Zoar became a dedicated supporter of Keith Hopkins. As a matter of fact, we liked Keith so much we used to play his annual birthday parties at Peanuts in Hornell....yes, that Peanuts! 

For over 30 years we had the pleasure of seeing Keith turn up at venues near and far. Sometimes he would roadie, other times he would DJ during our breaks and occasionally just come to listen. It was at a Zoar gig he met his long time girlfriend Deidrah, a perfect match. It was fitting the last time we saw Keith was earlier this summer when we opened for the Marshall Tucker Band, sitting right up front. Keith passed away unexpectedly this weekend. He will be remembered by Zoar, often and kindly. Keith was truly one of the many vivid colors that make up the patchwork we call Zoar.... rest easy my friend.

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